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'DEMO DAZE' ~ 10am this SUNDAY at Co-Op Surfection

Its on again, our annual 'Peninsula Surf Centre x MISFIT DEMO DAY’

Our new '2014/15 Spray Peepshow Vol. 1' is out

Stuck on volumes yo.... we have a new volume recommendation chart for you

Mon 17th NOV is the day babes

Oh baby they is spunky as

NYC's iconic retailer now stocks Misfits

Interviewing the Champ at the premiere of 'Stephanie In The Water'

he likes the SUS P yo


IT IS HERE ~ GLOBE's M/SF/T ‘HIKARI’ boardshort, the first in a series of unrestrained designs and components built without regard to material costs or manufacturing limitations

Take 2 mins out from checking instagram and check vimeo

No bummers durings summers here babes

Humans cant have anymore fun that this, medically speaking

We are BACK this weekend at Sounds of the Suburbs !!!

And the winner is.........